You Never Have To Use Drugs Ever Again.

Narcotics Anonymous is here if you have a problem or think you have a problem with drugs
We Can Help…

Our Program Is Simple

We find that our lives steadily improve, while we maintain abstinence from mind-altering, mood-changing chemicals and work the Twelve Steps to sustain our recovery. You too can have a new way of life.


How It Works

If you are an addict, you can find a new way of life through the N.A. Program.

3 Easy steps to get started....

Step 1

Join our next meeting.

By joining our meetings you will participation in your journey to recovery. Recovery happens in our meetings.
Clink on this link and get started today.

Step 2

Raise your hand.

Raising your hand during our burning desire portion of the meeting let’s other members know you are ready to receive help. Our members will join with you to get you started quickly in your journey to recovery in Narcoftics Anonymous.

Step 3

Ask for a sponser.

We have it is helpful to have a sponsor and to use this sponser. It helps both the newcomer and the sponsor. The reinforcement received by sponsorship is limitless.