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For Addicts, what should I do to get help?  

If you find that you cannot stop using drugs, you are NOT alone. We have been where you are and have found freedom through Narcotics Anonymous. We suggest that you find a meeting and join us on this journey of recovery. For a complete meeting list click here.

The best source of help is another addict in recovery. We encourage you to attend an NA meeting.

-We suggest you raise your hand and say you are new, or approach an NA member before or after the meeting.

-Get phone numbers at the meeting and call the numbers you get!

-Pick up free literature at the meetings.

-To find an NA meeting near you, click here

-If you cannot get out there are literally hundreds of LIVE virtual NA meetings on online platforms. Check out the meeting list to find one starting now!

-If you can’t get out to make a meeting or cannot access the internet for a virtual meeting call a helpline in your area and talk to another addict. Ours is:

New York Region Help line: 212-929-6262 (NANA)

For Immediate Help Call:


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